“As an acupuncturist and Naturopathic physician, I use this music to facilitate relaxation and healing in my patients during treatment. 

Michele’s music has a wonderful organic flow which really transports and calms the listener.  The various interludes can be floaty, or melting and caressing, sometimes “tingly” sounding, sometimes reminiscent of nature, sometimes other-worldly.

…when I am doing administrative desk work, I find the music keeps me productive, yet calm and stress-free, even when I have a lot of work to juggle.  This music is a true gift!   I can’t wait for Michele’s next album!”  

            Dr. Cynthia B.       Naturopathic Physician         Seattle, WA 



Play2open ambient music is live and spontaneous. Interwoven electronic keyboard  provides an uninterrupted hour of unobtrusive sounds and flow. Each ambient music album is ideal for work environments or home.  This healing music is tranquil.  It is perfect for spas, massages, yoga, relaxation and sleep, soaking, meditation, art galleries, health clinics, birthing centers, hospice – anywhere a restful atmosphere is desired.